Tyre safety month 2018

Tyre safety is a global issue, and we all need to get involved

Driver safety – and tyres, in particular – isn’t just a concern for Ireland’s many motorists, it’s a global issue – something that affects all of us, no matter which country we’re in. Some nations take the importance of fitting good tyres more seriously than others, and this is reflected in the quality – and quantity – of the tyre safety campaigns that feature from country to country.

Take our cousins across the Irish Sea, in the UK. Like us, they too take driver safety and the importance of good tyres very seriously. For example, each year, throughout the whole of October, the UK’s leading tyre safety charity, TyreSafe, organise a dedicated tyre-related campaign that’s supported by both their government and the tyre industry. That’s pretty impressive.

If you’re not familiar with their annual ‘Tyre Safety Month’, now’s the time to take note. TyreSafe’s campaigns are designed to raise awareness amongst motorists on the importance of fitting good tyres, the need to check them regularly, and the pitfalls of doing neither.

As Ireland’s leading automotive and tyre services provider, Advance Pitstop applauds the efforts of all organisations that promote the need to better understand the importance of fitting good tyres – TyreSafe included. It’s clear that – like us – they’re committed to driver safety. The same is also true of leading premium tyre manufacturer, Continental, who are not just a contributing supporter of TyreSafe, but who also operate their global tyre safety initiative, Vision Zero.

There’s no denying that all three organisations share the same value – that of wanting ALL drivers to be as informed as possible about the importance of fitting good tyres.

This year, Tyre Safety Month wants drivers to Tune Into Tyre Safety, and make a point of regularly checking their tyres. The campaign offers insights and advice on the benefits of checking tyres at least once a month, including the consequences of tyre damage, not having the correct tyre pressures, and the dangers of having bad tread depth. The campaign is supported by free to download leaflets, posters and infographics, as well as a very catchy tyre safety video that’s been inspired by the song, Get into the groove.