1. All-season Tyres are Trending

    January 4 2019

    Should I fit all-season tyres to my vehicle? Are you familiar with all-season tyres? They’re also called all-weather tyres, and recently there’s been a huge amount of buzz

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  2. Motorway Driving

    December 18 2018

    Top motorway driving and tyre tips Motorway driving; it’s a skill in itself, and a thrill for many. Since the completion of the Major Inter-Urban Motorway Project, in

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  3. Electric Vehicles

    November 23 2018

    The transition to EV driving: from electric dreams towards an emissions free reality We’re still a long, long way from the complete uptake of electric vehicles and plug-in

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  4. The Future of Automated Driving

    November 13 2018

    From automated assistance to fully autonomous, the future of driving is connected Hollywood has always loved the car, as seen in the many films that have graced Irish

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  5. Tyre safety month 2018

    October 10 2018

    Tyre safety is a global issue, and we all need to get involved Driver safety – and tyres, in particular – isn’t just a concern for Ireland’s many

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  6. Be Ready For Road Safety Week

    September 28 2018

    Next Monday marks the start of Road Safety Week 2018 and Wednesday October 3rd has been designated as Tyre Safety Day.