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All Seasons. All Weathers. All Winners. Continental win the Auto Express Tyre Test Award treble

Winning. Coming first. Being the best. It’s something that from childhood to maturity we all aspire to at some point or another, and very often for life. And what better way to represent finishing top of the class than receiving awards. There’s nothing quite like being recognised for winning than having an award bestowed on you. It’s an acknowledgement that those around you recognise your achievement, and that it is valued.

When it comes to your car, there’s only one premium tyre manufacturer that consistently wins the top awards – Continental – and not just any awards; we’re talking the Oscars of tyre awards, the big one – the one that all tyre manufacturers covet and dream of winning the most; the Auto Express Tyre Test Award.

Bestowed by the highly popular weekly car magazine, the award is given to the very best summer, winter and all-season tyres. There’s an award for each category, and competition is fierce. To win one award is impressive, two of them remarkable. But to win all three awards across each of the categories – in a single calendar year – well, it’s astonishing.

Up until 2018, no tyre manufacturer had ever achieved this fabled treble – that is until Continental stepped up and delivered three outstanding tyres for Irish drivers; the PremiumContact™ 6, the WinterContact™ TS 860, and the AllSeasonContact™. All three of these exceptional premium tyres completely blew their competitors away.

Fitting Continental tyres to your vehicle is the very smart choice

When you consider that the only thing between your vehicle and the (often very wet) road is a set of tyres, you begin to appreciate just how important they are for your driver safety. The better your tyres are, the safer you’ll be – and there’s nothing better to drive on than award winning Continental tyres. Auto Express’ independent tyre testing is recognised as being incredibly thorough, with no mercy shown for any tyre characteristic that lets drivers down. Here’s what they said about each of Continental’s three award winning tyres:

Summer Tyre Test 2018 winner PremiumContact™ 6

“The PremiumContact™ 6 was the best tyre to drive in both wet and dry, there was a liveliness to its handling that no rival could match and few could get close to. In the wet, the PremiumContact™ 6 was in a league of its own, the sharpness was there on the wet track with a strong front end pulling you through turns – where rivals just pushed wide.

The tyres’ consistent performance across a range of testing led towards another fantastic win for Continental and the PremiumContact™ range.”

Winter Tyre Test 2018 winner WinterContact™ TS 860

A third victory on the trot for the TS 860, which could almost be designed for British winters. Continental set the pace in the wet braking and handling, and felt sharp on the track, with impressive traction in corners. It’s rare that a tyre picks up a hat-trick of wins in our tests, but the Continental TS 860 has done exactly that, yet again putting together a series of top results in all weathers.”

All-Season Tyre Test 2018 winner AllSeasonContact™

“Just a quick look at the results is enough to show which was the dominant tyre in this test. No matter what the surface, the AllSeasonContact™ was on the podium. Continental may have come late to the all-season party, but it has made a winning entrance. A great test debut that shows how an all-season tyre should perform.”

An unrivalled record of delivering award winning tyres

If you have Continental’s fitted to your vehicle, you’ll need no reminding of the precision performance and safety characteristics that these tyres provide you with, ensuring you can brake, overtake and corner with supreme confidence on any road surface – dry or wet, warm or cold.

If you haven’t got Continental’s fitted, it’s time for a rethink, right? Premium tyres completely outperform cheaper budget tyres. It’s also the case with part worns, which can not only be extremely dangerous but are a false economy as well. When it comes to exact like-for-like comparison tests – like the ones that the Auto Express Tyre Test Awards do – premium tyres always outperform budgets. Premiums deliver superior grip, handling, performance and safety characteristics. It should come as no surprise to learn that one in three cars that roll off the production lines in Europe are fitted with Continental OE (Original Equipment).

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